Our Vision

The shared vision of PS 6X is for all members of our school community to be our best, love, learning and inspire the world.


Our Mission

We are creating leaders of the world by empowering the whole-child through physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth in a safe, nurturing environment. 

Instructional Focus

Across all classrooms, we will consistently encourage our students to make their thinking visible so we can more accurately assess students’ current level of understanding and provide the necessary supports, including meaningful feedback, to accelerate student achievement.

Students will

participate in daily classroom discussions and share out their thinking.

Teachers will

follow the Instructional Expectations in Literacy and Math to embed coherent structures across the school and use formative assessment strategies such as: checklists, exit slips and Post-It feedback notes to monitor progress and inform instructional adjustments.

Administrators will

monitor student and adult learning through daily walk throughs, providing support, feedback including Glows and Next Steps as well as professional learning opportunities around best practices.